How Many People Can Be Seated at SJK?

The recent very successful Buffalo Mass Mob III held at SJK on March 23 brought up the question of how many people can be seated in the pews. Over the years it has been said that the church holds between 1,000 and 1,200. Some conversations on Sunday went as high as 1,500! Well…today a count of the pews revealed that 1,222 can be comfortably seated, and certainly more if another small person was squeezed into each pew. In the ‘old days’, that is, the early 1990’s, the vigil Masses on Christmas and Easter were standing room only.  Mass Mob III was standing room only too, but there were a few seats left in some of the pews. A conservative estimate of attendance for MM III was 800. Quite possibly it was even more. Looking towards the altar, there are 33 pews on the left side of the church that hold 8, left center pews: 10 pews that hold nine and 23 pews that hold 10, right center pews: two pews that hold nine and 31 pews that hold 10; right side of church: 31 pews that each hold 10 persons. Over the years some pews have been removed, so it is quite possible that at one time the church could seat 1,500 people.

IMG_2510It was great to experience so many people worshipping together. There were a number of alumni present, some with their family, a lot of others connected at some point in time to SJK, others who had heard of our church and wanted to see it as members of Buffalo Mass Mob. A full church was beneficial to the music of the choir, taking full advantage of the acoustics.


We thank our celebrants: Fr. Robert Pecoraro, SJ and Rev. Msgr. Robert Golombek, former Pastor and still a devoted friend of SJK.

Following Mass many people enjoyed coffee and cake in the Convent Center or Kanty’s Kafe’. Many purchased our homemade pierogi and placek (we sold out of cheese pierogi and placek!). It definitely seemed that all enjoyed their Mass Mob experience at SJK!