For it is in giving that we receive ~ Saint Francis of Assisi




During these times when fewer people are attending Masses, your Parish receives reduced income but must continue to go on. Many have been sending their contribution directly to the Church and we are very grateful.               We are also aware that so many people are in a difficult situation now and for them this may not be possible. We appreciate whatever you can offer. The general collection is used to fund regular day-to-day operations of our parish and its programs. These costs include payroll, maintenance and cleaning of our church and rectory, utilities, and supplies.
          You may also make a Tribute Gift in memory of, in honor of, or in celebration of a special person or moment in time. Thank you for your investment and continued support of Saint John Kanty/Saint Adalbert Parish Community. Let us continue to pray with and for one another. 

If you would like to donate to the Parish Community of Saint John Kanty/Saint Adalbert,  please mail your donation to:

Saint John Kanty Church
101 Swinburne Street – Buffalo, NY 14212