Bulletin: January 7


Join us at Mass this weekend…our celebrants are Fr Gardocki on Saturday at 4 and Fr Fiore on Sunday at 10:30. Today we take home a package containing chalk and
incense, in memory of the gifts of the Magi. At home we inscribe the date and “K+M+B” with the blessed chalk above every door in the house to provide protection against illness and misfortune for those within. It would look like
“20 K+M+B 18” The letters with a cross after each one, stand for the names of the Three Kings: Kaspar, Melchior and Balthazar. They remain above the doors all year until they are inadvertently dusted off or replaced by new markings  next year. A freewill offering will be appreciated. Please read the bulletin for upcoming society meetings.

Please take the time this weekend to complete your memory for inclusion in the SJK 125th Anniversary Time Capsule. You need to use the paper available in the vestibule…take one home and return it next week. Time is growing short for this as a date will be announced shortly for the blessing and placement of the capsule.

Stay safe and warm!



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