Meet Kanty’s Golden Girls!

Kanty’s Golden Girls: left to right: Sally Siejak, Dolores Slazak and Gertie Marciniak!

These ‘young’ ladies are still active in Saint John Kanty Parish, attending Masses and events! The above photo was taken on Scout Sunday, February 12. Both Sally and Dolores have sons who came up through Troop 107 and are still active in leadership roles in the troop, and Dolores has a great grandson in the troop as well!

All three of these ‘young’ ladies are members of The Rosary Society, have been active with Team Pierogi for many years, and Dolores was a long time member of the Saint John Kanty Choir.  All are grads of the former Saint John Kanty School.

We are so grateful to these ‘sparkling’ ladies for volunteering over the years for our church as well as their continued presence in the pew and at our events!


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