The Flag is Flying Again!

An Ace Flag employee painting the flag pole black… A new ‘truck’ (the gold ball!) was installed on the top, and the pulley to raise and lower the flag was repaired. A flag donated in memory of Thaddeus Mroczynski is now proudly flying in front of SJK. A passerby started to sing our national anthem when the flag was being raised!

Although the cost of this project is not a large amount of money it was suggested that perhaps the women and men who have served our country so bravely would be willing to contribute to this project. Those deceased veterans and those killed in action can also be memorialized. A small plaque with the names acknowledging those that have donated or those who have been memorialized by donations will be located in the back of church. (This is not limited to immediate family; you may also include brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) This would be a tastefully done document in a picture frame or frames listing those veterans in whose memory a donation is made. We are not specifying any amount for a donation, but please use the form below and include the name of the veteran, branch of service, theater of service; e.g. WWII Europe, WWII Pacific, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etc. And please note if the individual was killed in action so that we can acknowledge this sacrifice.

Something to add to your calendar: On Sunday, November 11 the 10:30 Mass will be offered for all veterans of St. John Kanty/St. Adalbert both living and deceased, followed by a Coffee Hour. Approximately one month before that we will have available in church a book where you may enter the names of the veterans you would like to have remembered in this Mass. We will have further information on this as we get closer to Veterans Day. Also, we do acknowledge that there are many brave veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the allied countries, especially those who bravely fought with the Polish forces during WWII. We hope that they are willing to be part of this celebration.

Below is a quote from Chris Byrd, SJK alum: “I have mentioned this before on BFA.  Sometimes little things make a big difference in helping the neighborhood and its treasures shine.  That is why I was excited when Saint John Kanty posted photos of their flagpole being refurbished.

If you take into account that as an 8th grader at Saint John Kanty School I was responsible on a rotating basis with other 8th graders for raising and lowering the flag on that very same pole, seeing it restored brought a smile to my face.


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 Name of veteran: _______________________

Living, Deceased or Killed in Action _________________________________

American Forces    □               Polish Forces (Other allied forces)      □  

Theater of Action: ________________

Branch of Service: ________________________________

Amount of Donation __________

Donated by (not to be published) _____________________

Please enclose the completed form and your donation in an envelope and drop it in the weekend collection basket no later than August 31.

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