Some Very Early History on the Architect of Saint John Kanty Church

Several weeks ago Mr Chuck LaChiusa, owner of the electronic site Buffalo Architectural History, visited SJK to take photos for inclusion on his site, which includes not only many of Buffalo’s churches and historic buildings, but also those churches that are now closed. During Chuck’s visit the question was posed as to the architect of our church. After a phone call to the Diocese of Buffalo to learn if the information was in their archives – it was not – a trip was made to the main library in downtown Buffalo to research the question. Unfortunately, no information was found there either, but nevertheless, it was an interesting visit!. Not to be discouraged, it was time to connect with Greg Witul, noted stained glass historian, friend of Buffalo’s East side and author of many articles for The Am-Pol Eagle. Well…Greg found an answer, which is described in the current issue of the weekly journal, and here is the link: Thanks Greg for tracking down the information on the very early history of our church, probably the first time it has been revealed to present day parishioners and interested parties. You may also pick up a copy of The Am-Pol Eagle in our vestibule ($1.00/copy).

Also…be sure to check out the Buffalo Architectural History site: for a virtual tour of Saint John Kanty and many other local churches.

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