How ‘Snowmageddon’ May Impact on Weekend Masses…Update!

As of late Thursday the parking lot has been plowed. Deacon Dave’s message follows:

I was just informed the lot is plowed. we’ll wait and see what happens from here. Stay well and warm everyone. I know the kitchen is to be used. Please drive carefully and let me know if you are going into the buildings. Peace, Deacon Dave

And here is Bishop Malone’s statement: 

Bishop Richard J. Malone has granted dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation (weekend of Nov. 22-23) for Catholics living in communities hit by this week’s unprecedented snowfall.

“It will be up to the local pastor to decide whether or not to celebrate weekend Masses in those parishes,” Bishop Malone said.  “It is my advice that parishioners living in snowbound areas use their best judgment when it comes to attending Mass.  Their safety and well-being is a priority, and they need to comply with local travel advisories.

“We pray for those who lost their lives during the storm, and offer our gratitude to highway crews, first responders and neighbors helping neighbors, whose tireless efforts have demonstrated the resilient spirit of Western New Yorkers,” Bishop Malone said. “Through Catholic Charities, Catholic Health and other Catholic institutions, the Catholic Church will continue to play an important role in serving those in need as recovery efforts continue.”

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See message below from Deacon Dave…and spread the word to those who do not have access to a computer! Above all…BE SAFE!

Hello people form St. John Kanty,

As of noon on Thursday, I am well aware that our parking lot at church has not been plowed. We will have a new plowing service this year. We were notified by the service last year that he cannot do our lot this year because he has another job and it has changed his schedule. I had called him and left a message 3 different times in the past weeks, well before the snow came, and he never called back. With that in mind, I sought out another service. Long story short, So. Buffalo Auto, same company that Response to Love Center uses, will be our service this year. With all the recent snow, they are overwhelmed with calls. I spoke with Mike Gilhooly at 12:10 p.m. today (Thursday) and they were having their lot cleared with a front loader. With a lot of luck they will try to do our lot, but no guarantee. I called and left messages with a cry for help. I hope my plea is answered. If we are unable to have the lot cleared, there is a good chance the church will be closed until we recover from this storm. I hear  the area near the church has not been hit with as much snow as others areas in the city, especially So. Buffalo. I think they are on the edge of the storm. I contacted WIBV, channel 4 to put our name on their closure list and they gave me a password to enter their closure list. I’ve attempted this also on WGRZ & WKBW but have not received any confirmation from either of them. I hope you can share this information with other parishioners. Many things we have no control over and this is one of them. If the church is to close for the weekend, I’ll make that decision probably by Sat. noon. It is dangerous out there and most suburbs have driving bans.

Stay well and let one another know. pass this message to those you know,

Deacon Dave

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