A Virtual Tour of Blessing of Easter Baskets at Saint John Kanty: 2012-2019

Blessing of Easter foods as shared by Fr Mike: Close your eyes and imagine the smells! Put your cursor on the photo and see the caption…

It is traditional to bring food to church on Holy Saturday to ask God’s blessing. This year, health concerns makes this largely impossible. Therefore, gather your foods which will be used for the celebration of Easter, and pray:

Bless, O Lord, this creation that it may be a means of salvation to the human race, And grant that, by the invocation of Thy Holy Name, it may promote health of body, and salvation of soul in those who partake of it, and bless all who are unable to gather with us this day. Defend us from all illness, that we may again join together to thank You for your goodness and mercy, through Christ Jesus, our Risen Lord (adopted from the Book of Blessings).

The journey to the church to have your basket blessed is a nice tradition, but it is the lifting of our minds and hearts to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving which is the essential element of this tradition. Happy Easter!

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