A New Flag for Saint John Kanty Parish Community!

Wayne Sorrentino presenting flag to Trustee Ed Bosiacki

We are grateful to Wayne Sorrentino, Commander, US Navy (Retired), President of the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the U. S. Navy League and Past Erie County Commander of The American Legion, for donating a new American flag for our parish flag pole. Parishioner Bob Koza is Assistant Chaplain of the Niagara Frontier Council of the U. S. Navy League and made the arrangements for the new flag to be delivered on October 13th. Trustee Ed Bosiacki assisted in the removal of the old, worn out flag and the raising of the new flag. The old flag, which succumbed to the effects of the wind & weather, will be properly retired.  The Navy League of the United States believes that we must always ensure that our armed forces (Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine) are  ready to fight and win our nation’s wars, deter those who would seek to engage us and secure access to the global commons to preserve freedom of navigation.

The United States is irrevocably tied to the ocean and its international and domestic waterways militarily, economically and politically.  Since its founding, America’s prosperity has relied on freedom of the seas. The world looks very different today, but keeping conflict far from our shores and maintaining sea lanes free and open to commerce remain the underlying reason for the United States’ prosperity.  America’s sea services must be supported and adequately funded if the United States is to continue to reap the benefits of international trade, upon which the American economy rests.  The Navy League must remain at the forefront of public debate to warn of the dangers that budget cuts and unstable funding pose to our military capability.

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