Pierogi, Placek and Christmas Candy Sale with Basket Raffle December 4 and 11!

The Polish exclamation Święty Jacku z pierogami! (“St. Hyacinth and his pierogi!”) is an old-time saying, a call for help in some hopeless circumstance. It has derived from two legends. One of them is about his visit on July 13, 1238, to Kościelec. During his visit, a hailstorm broke out, destroying crops and leaving people with the terrible prospect of poverty and famine. Hyacinth told them to pray. The next day, the crops were miraculously restored. The people then treated Hyacinth to pierogi made from those crops as a token of gratitude. The second legend mentions Hyacinth feeding people with pierogi during a famine caused by the Mongol invasion of 1241.

This Sunday December 4 and the following Sunday, December 11 Kanty’s Kitchen presents their holiday Pierogi (Farmers cheese; ‘kraut) & Placek Sale with Basket Raffle. The sale takes place in the Parish Center (old convent) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will also have available for purchase chocolates made by Saint Adalbert’s parishioners, who are using Ghirardelli chocolate and selling at very reasonable prices. So join us for Mass at 8:30 a.m., then stop by the Parish Center for some shopping!

Come early to ensure you get some great stuff!



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