Bulletin: October 24, 2021

When attending Mass this weekend: masks are required when entering and exiting Church and when going to Holy Communion.

Click on this link: Bulletin-10-24-2021



At Saint Adalbert on November 6: Due date for candle intentions is Tuesday, November 2…please read the bulletin for further information!




Remember your loved ones who have passed away, for special occasions (birthdays/anniversaries), and for those who are ill. Weekend and week day Masses are available. The Mass stipend is $15 per Mass. Please contact the rectory to schedule your intentions…or you can go to this link: www.saintjohnkanty.com/mass-intentions/


Be sure to look at our prayer list in the bulletin…there are so many people to pray for! Please remember to pray for those who you promised to, those who have no one to pray for them, and those requests that remain silent out of fear or embarrassment.

If you have a name to add to our parish prayer list, just call the parish office (893-0412) during regular office hours. You can also arrange for a Mass by going to this link on our website: https://www.saintjohnkanty.com/mass-intentions/

for your continued weekly support of our Parish…it is truly appreciated!

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