Bulletin: July 7, 2019

Thanks for visiting, both online and in church!

Please read the bulletin for new information on events in July.  Click on this link: Bulletin-7-7-19

The July issue of the WNY Catholic is available for pickup in church, or you may also access it online at this link: https://www.wnycatholic.org/current-issue-of-wny-catholic  Also see this link to Am-Pol Eagle for a story on the Class of ’69 Reunion: http://ampoleagle.com/social-media-helps-kanty-classmates-come-together-for-a-year-reunion-p13554-97.htm?fbclid=IwAR23DJfBMWM15725dDphfQG05cLMlCnj0VTNYDQ6YKNoJBnLtoEvCwcbMJE#.XRVMYvez7h8.facebook


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