Bulletin: October 21, 2018


Please read the bulletin and learn that Fr Paul Ladda has been assigned as Parochial Vicar for St John Gualbert and St John Kanty. 

Think about joining us 1/2 hr before our weekend Masses to pray the Rosary with us.



Our Harvest Dinner is next Sunday, October 28. Please join us…save a few bucks and purchase your ticket in advance in the vestibule before weekend Masses, or phone the rectory this week. 


Reminder that there are prime Mass dates still available…phone the rectory: 893-0412 (9-noon Mon-Fri) to reserve a date!


Thank you WNY Catholic for featuring stories on the following East side organizations: page 3: Nickels Add Up for Response to Love Center; page 4: St John Kanty Lyceum Reminder of East Side’s Life; page 21: It Takes Sisters to Make a House a Home on East Side (about the Mother Teresa Home), as well as St John Gualbert’s Mass Series honoring Saints on p. 33. Below is a link to the October online issue, and the paper copy is available in church!  https://www.wnycatholic.org/documents/October2018.pdf




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