A few photos from the Mass and Dedication of the Mother Teresa Home…thanks to the many helping hands that made this a reality. At the encouragement of Pope Francis, and in celebration of the Year of Mercy, Bishop Malone has designated The Mother Teresa Home an Institutional Epression of Mercy. Cheryl & David Calire and many others have contributed to the end result of this project. The Home will greatly enhance Buffalo’s East side and will serve as a beacon of hope for young women who are at a difficult crossroads in their lives!

Those attending the Mass at St Adalbert enjoyed the beauty of the church and grounds, and it was great to tour the refurbished rectory, now The Mother Teresa Home. The last photo in the series below is the stained glass window above the front door and depicts the Coat of Arms of Pope Francis, the Divine Mercy, and the Coat of Arms of the Bishop of Buffalo and is a gift from Cheryl & David.

Thanks to the Diocese of Buffalo, this is another fine example of how the Catholic Church is reaching out to those in need and at the same time repurposing unused buildings and at the same time lifting up a depressed area. It is definitely worth a small detour off Broadway to see the beautiful grounds and refurbished building.


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